Perry County

Hoosier National Forest

The Hoosier National Forest is Indiana’s premier forest land and is open year-round for public enjoyment. 60,000 acres of the Hoosier National Forest lay in Perry County.

The land that is now the Hoosier National Forest was once home to Native American villages, trader settlements, and European American farmsteads. The land was first created into a National Forest in the 1930s. Today, the Hoosier National Forest holds a history as well as scenic views, watchable wildlife and unique geology to enjoy.

A-Rated/College Success County

The schools in Perry County have earned A-Ratings.  Additionally, a group of community members have come together to form the Perry County College Success Coalition to help promote opportunities for students and adults alike.

Quality of Life and Wellness

Recognizing that personal health and wellness contributes greatly to overall quality of life, Perry County is committed to providing access to quality healthcare for all residents. With facilities such as Perry County Memorial Hospital, Beverley Healthcare, and Southern Hills, residents are assured of convenient access to quality physical and mental health concerns. The local medical community also offers collaboration with larger medical facilities in the major cities of Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Evansville, Indiana and beyond.

Myers Grade School

Myers Grade School has served the community of Cannelton as a public school since 1868. It is the oldest continuously used school building in the state of Indiana and it is believed to be the oldest in the country. Called Cannelton High School in 1868, it first serviced grades 1-8. It was renamed Myers after the retirement of a much-loved teacher, Oscar “Daddy” Myers. Much of the school building is original such as slate chalkboards and the original staircases and woodwork, yet it also has modern technologies such as computers in every classroom and access to the Internet. Myers Grade School is a success story for preserving history while keeping its focus on educating students for the future.

Epicenter for Gray and
Ductile Manufacturing

Waupaca and ATTC, two of Perry County’s largest employers, produce products for the transportation, construction, agriculture and industrial markets using gray and ductile manufacturing. The products that these two businesses produce have a major impact on the world’s automotive industry.

Town of Troy

Troy was founded in 1815, a year before Indiana became a state, making it the second oldest town in Indiana behind Vincennes. The town served as an early county seat of Perry County and has had a continuously operated post office since 1818.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross, located in Cannelton, Indiana, is believed to be the largest “In Situ” (of its own stone) in the world. The cross was carved by Greg Harris, a local, self-taught sculptor, within a single 22′ tall stone that is natural to the hillside.

Shubael Little Pioneer Village

The Shubael Little Pioneer Village contains 4 pioneer cabins, a blacksmith shop and forge, a vintage carpenter shop, and the old Troy stone jail. The Village is named after Shubael Little, a pioneer and first landowner of the farm where the village is located. One of Shubael’s two wives is buried at the Village site, along with other Little relatives. Shubael helped found the first school at Rome, the Masonic Lodge in Cannelton, and operated a grist mill on Little Deer Creek.

The Apple Drop at

Silvesternacht is Tell City, Indiana’s annual community New Year’s Eve event, named for the Swiss New Year’s Eve celebration. The event includes fun for all ages including fireworks, music, and the apple drop.


Perry County is home to two wineries, Winzerwald Winery and Blue Heron Winery. Enjoy wine tastings while overlooking picturesque views of the Ohio River or rolling lands of the Hoosier National Forest.

(Road, Rail, Water)

Perry County’s highway, rail and river systems provide complete inter modal transportation avenues to help your business thrive in our fast-paced global marketplace.

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